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George Ludwig's customized speaking, training, and consulting services will help you and your salespeople gain the competitive edge and become members of the Selling Elite—even in the toughest economy!

Once upon a time—back when the economy was booming, credit flowed freely and flipping houses for profit was practically a national past time—selling was a whole different ballgame. Sure, salespeople had to show up and "present" their product, and maybe engage in a relationship-building golf game or two, but they didn't necessarily dig deep enough to uncover a customer's point of pain (or desire for gain). Then came the economic downturn and all the rules changed.

These days, it's harder than ever to acquire customers and (more to the point) keep them. Not only are funds in short supply, decision makers are bombarded by a blizzard of messages every hour of every day from every direction. Salespeople must be at the absolute top of their gameevery time... or they will come up empty-handed. Even the greatest "relationship skills" won't keep clients from straying. Today, sales success requires complete mastery in three critical areas: psychology, strategy, and skillful execution.

George Ludwig's fully customized speaking, training, and consulting services can turn average salespeople into superstars by a) teaching them the psychology of consultative selling, b) providing them the most powerful strategies for revenue generation, and c) giving them practical tools and skills they can use in a variety of situations. (Not only do his students learn exactly what questions to ask to turn dormant needs into visible ones, for instance, they understand why those words work.) The result is a whole new type of salesperson.

Whether you sell for a living, or you manage a whole team of others who do, you can't afford to remain stuck in the transactional era. Gain the competitive edge, achieve peak performance, and prosper in the new world of consultative selling. Contact George Ludwig today to see how he can help!

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