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Ludwig's sales training programs are designed to provide you with a measurable improvement in productivity and a strong return on investment. Specifically, he helps you maximize ROI through customized training that combines your "best practices" with the sales mastery principles he's developed over the course of his 30-year career.

Unlike many other sales trainers, Ludwig takes the time to drill down to the specific psychology, strategies, and skills necessary for success throughout the sales process. In fact, he often helps organizations develop their own unique sales process on which the training is then based.

His customized training programs cover a thorough combination of different learning modules, including the following three components that represent the "low-hanging fruit" most sales organizations need to improve upon:

Task /Time/ Territory Management: To ensure your organization's success, your salespeople must be spending their precious time on their best opportunities. Ludwig's "red, yellow, or green" time maximization strategy incorporates marketplace conditions, corporate sales strategy, and buyer purchasing patterns to help your salespeople effectively prioritize their tasks, time, and territory.

Business Development/Prospecting: Prospecting drives the entire sales process, and a lack of sales can usually be traced back to an insufficient number of opportunities being pursued. Ludwig teaches your salespeople how to add a greater number of high-quality prospects to the "funnel" of opportunities they currently pursue.

Targeted Conversation Positioning: “Targeted Conversations” consider the following three factors:
1) buyer type,
2) buyer pain/gain, and
3) specific product benefits and applications that address their pain and/or gain

Ludwig provides your salespeople with a matrix of conversations, including diagnostic questions, that they can use to discuss their products/services so that the buyer can visualize using their product/service to achieve a goal, solve a problem, or satisfy a need.

To discuss your team's unique training needs and how Ludwig can customize a program to fit you, contact us today!