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Again and again, clients remark on George Ludwig's amazing ability to unleash human capacity and inspire men and women to break out of their comfort zones and achieve the extraordinary. What makes his presentations so powerful? In a word, customization.

Before speaking to your organization, Ludwig interviews your top salespeople to discover what they are already doing right. He then combines your "best practices" with his proven sales mastery principles. The result is a presentation that is relevant to your corporate culture and industry, delivered in your one-of-a-kind "language" and designed to transform your salespeople into members of the Selling Elite.

Here are a few of Ludwig's most requested programs:
Power Selling: How to Become a Member of the Selling Elite
Discover the secrets and organizing principles of the world's greatest sales professionals. You'll be inspired and empowered to develop, leverage, and profit from the consultative sales strategies employed by the Selling Elite. More...

Be Bold: Break Through to Extraordinary Results
Rediscover your passion and uncover the psychological strategies you need to blast through blah, boredom, and burnout and break through to boldness. Click here to see a "breakthrough" in action. More...

Sales Success Psych 101
Master the inner game of sales success and discover the truth behind why people really buy. Take control of your own cerebral operating system and arm yourself with powerful psychological strategies for engaging the mind of your buyer and closing the sale. More...

These are just three examples of the life-, career-, and company-changing messages Ludwig shares with his clients. Transform your salespeople into members of the Selling Elite with one of our uniquely customized programs.

To discuss your team's unique training needs and how Ludwig can customize a program to fit you, contact us today!

If you subscribe to the "seeing is believing" philosophy (and who doesn't?), click here to view Ludwig's video . You'll be amazed by his knowledge, energy, and powerful speaking style.