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If you or your salespeople aren't selling consultativelyasking the right questions to diagnose the customer's pain/gain, uncovering dormant needs, engaging prospects in a way that captures their undivided attention, and managing your time, tasks, and territory strategicallyyou will get your lunch handed to you in today's tough new marketplace.

George Ludwig can help. After 30 years of researching the most successful sales strategies and observing the "best of the best" in action, he developed his Power Selling Process and Double Your Revenue Power Seminars. These programs teach salespeople how to gain the competitive edge and become members of the Selling Elitein any economy!

Simply knowing the new consultative selling techniques is not enough. Ludwig believes that training and managing your own mind is the most important skill you could ever own in terms of sales success, peak performance, wealth, and happiness. Indeed, your ability to influence yourself and others shapes your entire destiny... it's that important!

Sales success, at both individual and organizational levels, comes down to three critical factors:

  • Psychology
  • Strategy
  • Skillful Execution

As a consultant, Ludwig shares his insights with numerous Fortune 100 and 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Northwestern Mutual Financial Services, and Abbott Laboratories. He is also a captivating keynote speaker and seminar presenter who is frequently quoted in the national media. ( Click here to see a listing of magazines, newspapers, websites, and broadcast outlets that have featured him. )

But it's not only Ludwig's experience that makes him a great teacher. He also has extraordinary energy. Enthusiasm. Vitality. Heart. He connects with his audience and inspires them to be bold and break through, one person at a time. His students learn that how they sell is just as important as what they sellusually even more sobecause it differentiates them from all the other salespeople out there.

Don't settle for some big consulting firm whose founder trained someone who trained someone who trains your team. Explore what George Ludwig Unlimited offers. And prepare yourself for the life-, career-, and company-transforming experience that only sales superstardom can bring. Contact us TODAY!