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Have you ever wondered what makes great salespeople great? George Ludwig did. For more than two decades he observed the most effective sales strategies and phenomenally successful salespeople in the world. Finally, after much research and practice, he "cracked the code" by synthesizing hundreds of skills, strategies, techniques, and behaviors into seven core areas:

  • The Power of Reputation
  • The Power of Real Passion
  • The Power of Research
  • The Power of Rapport
  • The Power of Resource Management
  • The Power of Resiliency
  • The Power of Relationships

Great salespeople ingrain these powers deeply into their DNA, literally transforming their psychological make-up. George developed his exclusive and extraordinary five-phase Power Selling Process to help them do just that. He shares its secrets through various avenues: seminars, training, keynotes, and more. Though his programs are eclectic and far-reaching, Power Selling principles live at the heart of every message he shares.