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"George Ludwig's passion and energy create an electric learning environment. Reps will discover the elements of peak performance as well as how to overcome their own limiting beliefs. This program builds right up to the climactic 'breakthrough'."

Joey Davenport
Director of Development with
Hoopis Financial Group
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
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"The surveys have all been completed and overwhelmingly  were positive.  (4 to 5 star reviews out of 5 for all attendees)
Thanks again for everything, it was a truly unique experience that we'll  use as a DEFINING MOMENT in 2008. On accountability, I believe we are on  track here and are going to come back at day 30 and review what has been implemented."

John Connors
EVP Worldwide Sales & Marketing

"I wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for the awesome job you did at our National Sales Meeting the first week of June. You brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm and it was infectious with the group. Keeping the attention of a group of independent sales people for an entire day is not an easy task... Thanks again for helping to make our meeting a big success."

Nick Curtis
Sr. VP Sales and Marketing
Staar Surgical Company
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"You are the "Real Deal." You bring a high energy level to sales training that is unmatched. Our entire sales team was energized up to the final minute of your 6-hour presentation. You message is very clear; to be a Sales Superstar, you must approach every sales day in a Supercharged state. "

Stephen W. Hannes
O.R. Solutions, Inc.
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I want to take a moment and thank you for the outstanding work you did for our company. I was impressed very early in our relationship due to the in-depth research you conducted by interviewing our top sales people, customers, and executives... Our time and investment with you was well worth it.

James M. Haefner
Executive Vice President
Global Sales
Biolase Technology, Inc.
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"Thank you for the AWESOME job that you did. They loved you!"

Gillian F. McIntosh Brown
Sr. Training Specialist
Human Resources/Training & Development

"One of the best motivational speakers I have heard in the last ten years!"

Dave Daily
District Sales Manager

"You were an integral part of our event's success. We found it tremendously gratifying that you customized your speech to our specific needs. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive and empowering!"

David R. Engwall
Vice President, Sales
Advanced Sterilization Products
A Johnson & Johnson Company
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"George's 2.5-day training program was totally customized to TimeMed. His program provided my team the tools and techniques they needed to become more strategic in the way they balance their time between retaining our current customers, in addition to finding and capturing quality new business opportunities. He also taught my team what it takes to become better consultative sellers. Everyone had the opportunity to practice their new skills, which was very valuable.
George kept the team engaged (not easy with salespeople) with his high-energy and his passion for the subject. I am confident this program will help drive our sales!"

Corey Nelson
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
TimeMed Labeling Systems
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"The customization you had specific to our key issues and industry trends was an enormous benefit in comparison to the standard talk tracks offered at other management training programs.  Your front-end preparation (which included extensive interviews of our team) was obvious and as such there was very little we felt was off target through the 2 day course.  Thanks for your adapting to our team through the process and allowing us to go in deeper detail in some vital areas and jump quickly through other less significant topics.  Every person surveyed felt highly impacted by the training and each has a better appreciation specific to Coaching and Mentoring of their groups. "

John Connors
EVP Worldwide Sales & Marketing
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"George assisted the Betco Corporation in the development of a sales process for our regional managers that has allowed them to be more productive with their selling time. The bottom line is that the improved sales process allows our sales force to qualify accounts faster, bring them to close faster, and retain accounts longer."

John Reed
Corporate Training Manager
Betco Corporation

"I know that the topic you emphasized in our sales training, "The Top Ten Things" successful sales executives need to do, has greatly influenced my sales group and we speak about it often. I would highly recommend your services to any sales organization, regardless of the group's sales experience, industry or markets served. "

Mike Valentine
Director of Scientific & Industrial Business
ASP Advanced Sterilization Products
a Johnson & Johnson Company
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"With more than 100 guests at our breakfast meeting, you were challenged to provide an enthusiastic presentation that kept the attention of the audience. The feedback from our evaluation forms indicated that the meeting was really successful. The guests were engaged throughout the presentation, and they left with effective selling concepts and techniques they could use in their businesses."

Ralph Soper
The Alternative Board - Fox Valley
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"Your practical knowledge of selling complex accounts and your ability to communicate your ideas clearly and concisely were very well received."

Dr. W. David Downey
Director and Professor
Center for Agricultural Business
Purdue University
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"The message you delivered really hit home with us. We still hear references to your workshop on a daily basis here in the office. You have had a lingering effect on our employees and can rest assured that we received your message clearly and are being BOLD in Sprint!"

Greg Talley
Division Manager
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"George's insightful coaching inspired means and practices that increased my business 20% in less than 60 days!"

Mark Peterschmidt
Benchmark Technical Systems

"I very much enjoyed your conference call. Your relaxed manner of sales talk made me think I could be good at sales.
Thank you. Looking forward to read your book."

Kayoko Yoshikai
Planet Apparel Corporation

"I am currently reading your Power Selling book, an amazing piece of work. I am only on chapter two, but I am really pumped to implement the strategies mentioned so far in the book. I can only see my sales performance improving."


"Now we have a much stronger comprehension of what it means to be BOLD from our first breath in the morning through whatever obstacles we will undoubtedly encounter each day. By forcing us out of our comfort zones both physically and mentally, we all had a united common thread by your conclusion-we all wanted to live more BOLDLY, thanks to you."

Malinda L. Jonas, Vice President,
Business Student Advisory Council, Miami University
Richard T. Farmer School of Business

"You did it again. another very successful program. The session was very motivational and highly interactive. Many had personal goals they were going to try to obtain following the program. George. it is a pleasure working with you. I have always found you to be highly professional, very accommodating, with a personal interest in your audience."

Gretchen M. Bacco, Program Administrator
AmeriNet Central
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"Your presence has, without a doubt, injected us with a huge dose of inspiration."

John Abdo
Inventor, The AB-DOer
Television Fitness Authority
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"Thank you for providing clarity and principles that gave insight, wisdom, and the power to take advantage of opportunities that change creates. You are a remarkable speaker with a gift of inspiring those who attend your presentations."

Ruth Shumaker, RN, BSN, CNOR, President 1998-1999
Association of Operating Registered Nurses, Inc.
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"What a feat! You kept registrants interested to the very last moment. They were spellbound."

Lyndle Dorrell, RN, CHL, CHMMC, FEL
President, International Association of
Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management
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