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Are you generating the sales revenue you desire? Are you living with a sense of purpose and passion?

To be a happy, successful salesperson, you need both money and meaning. If you're lacking these two key 'Ms' it's because you aren't running the right mental files, or you aren't following the right strategic game plan, or you haven't mastered the critical sales skills necessary.

George Ludwig offers several seminarsteleconferences, one-day events, and intensive three-day eventdesigned to teach you the process to run the most effective mental files, to provide you with the latest cutting-edge sales strategies, and to help you develop the critical sales skills necessary to achieve results and revenues beyond your wildest dreams!

FREE Double Your Revenue Power Tele-Seminars (One-Hour)
Here's the perfect way to sample the George Ludwig Experience. These free teleseminars will introduce you to his proprietary (and very powerful) techniques for supercharging your earning potential. You'll walk away with clear, concise knowledge regarding some aspect of the psychology, strategies, and skills necessary to double your revenue and become a member of the Selling Elite .

While topics vary from call to call, Ludwig's teleseminars are sure to be some of the most rewarding hours you have ever spent on the telephone-for FREE.

Double Your Revenue Power Seminars (One-Day and Three-Day Events)
In today's highly competitive marketplace, your sales success is a direct reflection of your psychology, your strategy, and your skillful execution . The only way to double your revenue year after year is to consistently improve the way you think, the game plan you're following, and how well you execute the skills necessary to become a sales superstar, an exceptional seller, a highly regarded member of the Selling Elite .

In these powerful one- and three-day events, you'll learn how to:

  • Move from transactional to consultative selling by mastering the Power Selling Process
  • Break through the clutter to rapidly engage clients and capture their undivided attention
  • Strategically use our RPM Consultative Questioning Model to effectively diagnose your customer's point of pain or desire for gain
  • Successfully differentiate your offerings by recognizing how you sell is as important as what you sell
  • Establish credibility and trust quickly by breaking through a buyer's suspicion
  • Leverage the motivators for why people really buy and utilize the six key emotional drivers for greater sales results
  • Take the appropriate actions in every situation and supercharge your passion and enthusiasm by mastering the "seller's psychology"
  • Increase your conversion percentages by leveraging your "buyer's psychology"
  • Create unbreakable customer loyalty and retention by developing a customer-centric mindset
  • Maximize personal performance by utilizing our patented process for breakthroughs and BOLD results
  • Make better decisions and consistently follow through by breaking through your limiting beliefs and developing critical thinking skills
  • Condition yourself like a Navy SEAL for consistent success
  • Set goals that will pull you like a magnet toward a more compelling future
  • Develop an energy reserve so you can "switch yourself on" at crucial moments
  • Break through fear, adversity, and sales rejection once and for all and create a blueprint for complete financial freedom
  • Value the TRUE definition of selling and how it will change your life
  • Overcome doubt, rejection, and anger quickly by mastering your emotions and developing a positive self-dialogue in six simple steps

You will not only walk away with all the tools and techniques you need to become a selling superstar, you will also get to participate in an exciting exercise at the end of the seminar that creates a powerful neuro-association to sales success and a bold breakthrough to extraordinary results.