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Just because someone is a great salesperson doesn't mean he's a great sales manager. Very few people can stroll across the "great divide" separating one role from the next with no training and reach any degree of effectiveness. Even those who do manage to adapt could do a lot better if they learned the basics of sales leadership.

Ludwig can help. Through in-depth research, he will uncover the specific "best practices" necessary for performing as an outstanding sales manager inside your unique company. These practices will include specific expertise in hiring, personnel skills assessment, sales coaching, sales process & pipeline management, and the fundamentals for great sales leadership.

With your best practices as the foundation, Ludwig develops a program designed to arm your sales managers with the mindset, strategies, skills, and tools necessary to:

  • Become a great sales leader that salespeople will perform at high levels for and fully commit to following
  • Make the great leap from sales manager to highly effective sales coach
  • Assess their sales personnel as it relates to sales performance, talent, psychology, and key skills mastery
  • Proactively manage the sales process and maximize their sales pipeline
  • Interview and hire candidates who possess the specific psychology, talents, and skills necessary to become future sales superstars

To discuss your team's unique training needs and how Ludwig can customize a program to fit you, contact us today!