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" The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. "
~ Marshall Ferdinand Foch

In this breakthrough program, George Ludwig will set your sales team's souls on fire! They will rediscover their passion for selling and uncover the psychological strategies they need to blast through blah, boredom, and burnout and break through to boldness.

Sales superstardom is not a matter of merely following formulas. It requires real passion. Inspire passion in a salesperson's soulthe burning desire to break through all the barriers to achievementand you've won a major victory in the battle for profits.

Your salespeople will learn how to :
  • Maximize personal performance by utilizing our patented process for breakthroughs and BOLD results
  • Make better decisions and consistently follow through by breaking through their limiting beliefs and developing critical thinking skills
  • Condition themselves like Navy SEALS for consistent success
  • Set goals that will pull them like a magnet toward a more compelling future
  • Break through fear, worry, and doubt and build on their inherent strengths for greater results and personal happiness
  • Develop an energy reserve so they can "switch themselves on" at crucial moments
Master motivator George Ludwig energizes an audience like no one else! Equip your team with the skills they need to be BOLD and break through to the next level.

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