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" There's a definite psychology to success. Most people never master it, and that's why most people never become one of the peak performers who get to enjoy all the rewards life has to offer. "
~ George Ludwig

If you give your salespeople sales tactics training but don't change the way they think and behave, you are missing a vital piece to achieving top performance. Sales success requires more than strategy and technique. Extraordinary results require extraordinary psychology. We can't control the outside world or the events that happen to us, but we can control what they mean to us.

Happy, successful, peak-performing salespeople think and behave in very specific ways. So do mediocre and unfulfilled sales performers. Simply said, there are psychological patterns of success and psychological patterns of mediocrity. This workshop will teach you how to master the "inner game" of success by showing you how to take greater control of your own cerebral operating system.

Of course, it doesn't all happen inside the salesperson's head. We must take into account buyer psychology as well. This workshop delves into the emotional drivers that motivate people to buy and reveals some techniques salespeople can use to tap into those powerful psychological forces.

Your salespeople will learn how to :
  • Perform at their peak by utilizing powerful psychological strategies and conditioning themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically
  • Establish credibility and trust quickly by breaking through a buyer's suspicion
  • Leverage the motivators for why people really buy and utilize six key emotional drivers for greater sales results
  • Break through fear, adversity, and sales rejection once and for all and create a blueprint for complete financial freedom
  • Value the TRUE definition of selling and why it will change their lives forever
  • Overcome doubt, rejection, and anger quickly by mastering their emotions and developing a positive self-dialogue in six simple steps
If you're tired of old, worn-out theories and are hungry for real results, this program is made for you! Ludwig has "cracked the code" and successfully distilled and synthesized the psychology, behaviors, and strategies of the world's greatest salespeople into a simple process your salespeople can start using today.

To book a Sales Success Psych 101 Program for your team, contact us today!