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In this powerful program you will discover the secrets and organizing principles of the world's greatest sales professionals. You'll walk away inspired and empowered to develop, leverage, and profit from the consultative sales strategies employed by the Selling Elite.

During his two decades as a sales professional, George Ludwig researched and field tested the practices of the world's sales superstars. Driven by his determination to be the best, he finally "cracked the code", synthesizing hundreds of skills, strategies, techniques, and behaviors into his proprietary Power Selling Process.

Your salespeople will learn how to :
  • Move from transactional to consultative selling by mastering the Power Selling Process
  • Break through the clutter to rapidly engage clients and capture their undivided attention
  • Strategically use our RPM Consultative Questioning Model to effectively diagnose your customer’s point of pain or desire for gain
  • Take the appropriate actions in every situation and supercharge their passion and enthusiasm by mastering the “seller’s psychology”
  • Successfully differentiate their offerings from the competition by recognizing that how they sell is as important as what they sell
  • Increase their conversion percentages by leveraging their “buyer’s psychology”
  • Create unbreakable customer loyalty and retention by developing a customer-centric mindset
  • Prioritize their time, tasks, and territory to truly maximize their opportunities and create a more robust sales funnel
Only George Ludwig's Power Selling Process can transform your sales team into a wellspring of never-ending, ever-expanding revenue! And his dynamic, energetic style ensures they will take the message to heart, and use it to become consultative selling superstars.

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